Introducing ‘The Bonsai Baker’

Many of you have heard me talking about trees belonging to my friend Stephen. Stephen and I met way back in 1995 when he joined the NI Bonsai Society. We have stayed good friends ever since. You will recognise him from my Sunday walks as he’s a fellow dog walker and nature lover. I can honestly say that Stephen is one of the nicest blokes you’ll meet in bonsai circles in East Belfast 😀 Oh OK, Northern Ireland and the world beyond 😉 I count myself lucky to have him as a friend.

Today Stephen took the plunge and started his own blog. Like me, he is starting this because he wants to keep a record of his bonsai and related events during the year. He asked me to help him get started with his blog and I was happy to oblige. I doubt he’ll be as a prolific a poster as me, who is 🙂 he isn’t a computer lover, but, with encouragement, I think he’ll happily become an internet regular.

Why Bonsai Baker? Simple, he keeps bonsai and he’s a baker 🙂

Click on the image above to visit his blogsite. It’s bare bones at the moment but be assured, I’ll be keeping the pressure on him to add more. He has plenty of trees to share with us. You can also follow him on FlickR and Facebook.

Leave him a few words of encouragement.

Bonsai Video Link

This has been shared on Facebook and YouTube!! It’s about 10 years old and is an interesting watch. Shinji Suzuki is the main focus of the video, a fantastic bonsai Artist.

I wondered about it being up on youtube, but after a quick internet search, it seems to be readily available to download free on the net via ebooks and many other sources.