Garage Night Tree #6

Ian B brought this Japanese Larch along on Friday past for a little thinning out and advice.

I felt that the image looked a little wrong as the tree seemed to lean back too far and gave the impression that it was unstable.

I suggested that tilting to the right would be a good option now. We only had to loosen the tie wires and shift slightly in the pot. This is the new position.

and this is it after we adjusted it.

Before and after side by side.

Garage Night Tree #5

This is Hugh’s Scots Pine. I sold this one to Hugh about 6 years ago. It was originally collected in Scotland and was the first Scots Pine I ever owned. I was delighted to see it again and help with a restyling.

No after photo as yet as we didn’t get it finished on the night but we’ll keep you posted.

Out of interest, I looked up some old photos of this tree. This first one dates back to 1997.

This is it in 2002.