Trophy Trees

Here’s a selection of photos from the Trophy.

Noelanders Trophy 2018

Another great Trophy last weekend. That’s my second Trophy attendance two years in a row thanks to my good friend Harry who facilitated my flying visit again. Cheers Harry.

I think I enjoyed this one more than the last. This was mostly due to the traders being in the same slots as last year making it a lot easier to get round the two halls and find what I needed. I was also able to purchase pretty much all the pots I was seeking. I know my carry on luggage wouldn’t have taken any more.

The exhibition was just as you’d expect, a few that looked out of place, most fitted the bill, and of course, a few outstanding trees. I walked the trees with friends on the Saturday and I picked the spruce as my personal best in show. Great to see it getting the best Conifer award.

Great to meet up with old friends and new. Apologies to those who I didn’t get to meet. My phone died half way through the day and I was unable to make contact with a few people to hook up. Sorry Xavier, next time my friend 🙂

Apologies as all my own photos are from my phone and quality is low. These are in the gallery below. However the following quality photos are courtesy of Oscar at Bonsai Empire along with the video. Enjoy.

Noelanders Trophy 2016

Possibly the best photo taken over the whole weekend.  However, it’s obvious by looking at facebook and Instagram etc, that very few paid a blind bit of notice.


I think I’ve probably seem the majority of trees exhibited on social media. Will this mean I won’t buy the book? No of course not. Did this impact numbers attending? Sure doesn’t look like it!

Anyway, if you want to see the winners check out this blog post over on Bonsai Empire. Another great post from Oscar.

A big well done to Warren Radford from the UK for being a joint winner this year. His tree shown below along with the tied for 1st tree from Luis Vallejo


Last Year’s Noelanders Trophy

Mr Snart posted a few past trees from the Noelanders Trophy on his blog yesterday and I again found myself drooling and wishing I was able to attend in 2013. Sadly, that’s not an option for me.

Last year Harry, my reliable Dutch photographer, sent me his photos from the Trophy, I thought it would be nice to share these again as a taster of what we can expect to see in January. Hopefully Harry is going again 🙂


Noelanders Video Series

Here’s some more photos and footage taken at the Noelanders Trophy by Hans Vleugels.

Sit Back And Enjoy…Noelanders Trophy 2012

If you are suffering from a sore finger from scrolling that mouse through page after page of Noelander Trophy images, fear not! ED Bonsai to the rescue 🙂 He’s put them all together in a rather nice video montage. Some very nice close in shots of some of the trees too. Thanks Ed 😉

Not to be out done, here is part 1 of  Tony Tickles exhibition trees video series. Keep an eye on his new site for more in the near future.

Noelanders Trophy Winners

Here are the Winners from the 13th Noelanders Trophy.

The overall Winner is the beautiful Juniper Chinensis owned by Luis Vallejo

Simon Tremblett’s Willow won a nomination and was awarded a BCI President’s Award

Cascade Scots Pine owned by David Benavente, Nomination winner

Hornbeam EBA Award of Merit Winner, German Sojer

Nicola Crivelli’s Spruce, nomination winner.

Beech Raft nomination winner owned by David Barlow.

Best Kifu Chinese Juniper owned by Mauro Stemberger

Yew Owned again by Mauro Stemberger BCI Award

Best Tree entered by a member of BAB, Mugo Pine owned by Christian Vos

If I’ve missed any, let me know!!


Noelanders Trophy Trees

This gallery contains 71 photos.

A big thank you to Harry from the Netherlands who follows this blog and has kindly sent me his photos from his visit to the Trophy yesterday. Here is a Gallery of his photos including some from the demonstration. Hope … Continue reading

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Your Noelanders Fix

Just spent a good hour browsing  through what’s been uploaded from this years Noelanders Trophy.

Here are a few links well worth  looking at.

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Awaiting the results with interest 🙂