First Walk of the New Year

Sunday just happened to fall on New Years Day this year and, never to be deterred,  we had our usual walk. About 9 miles along the coast from Holywood to Bangor, I must admit I could feel the holiday excess eating taking a toll!

As usual here are a few snaps taken along the way.

Some of my usual attempts to capture birds in flight or otherwise.

A goose

A hooded Crow

A normal black crow picking through the rock pools for sea snails .

and most unusual, these two different types of crow were together. First I’ve ever seen this.

Perfect wind for  little sailing on the lough.

Hawthorn still carrying it’s harvest.

A nice mixture of moss, grass, heather, sedum etc growing in among the rocks. Natures kusamono .

Most important on a good walk is good company. My two brothers..

My mate Stephen, out with his new camera. Watch this space for his new bonsai blog coming very soon 🙂

and lets not forget my two best mates, Smudge and maggie 🙂