More Tree Inspiration

As usual for a Sunday, I snapped a few pics on my walk today. It was an early start to get down to Gosford Forest Park in Armagh. Here are a few of the trees that caught my eye within the park and on the way back home again.

A big old fella in the open area of the park.

His little mate.

Some of the farmed deer lounging around in the open grassland area.

Some beautiful trees to admire.

A stand of Scots Pine

Old Beech

Tall Fir of some sort.

An ivy choked Larch with very unusual upturned branch tips!

Deadwood on a large Hawthorn.

The previous generation, beautiful in it’s own way.

Moss choked beech.

Two branches that fused many years ago creating a hollow on this old beech.

Same tree, beautiful in the sunlight this morning.

And the beech next door, tree after tree worth admiring.


An old heavy limb that has fallen in the high winds. The top of the branch has ferns growing along it. Using the moss as soil.

I can’t take a walk without getting some fungi in there somewhere.

and a nice nebari to finish off.

Hope you enjoyed the walk.