$1,000,000 Bonsai, Don’t drop it!!!

How many people does it take to lift a $1 000 000 bonsai?

I make it 7 Japanese and Peter Warren 🙂

First Snow of the Winter

Last night saw the first snow to lie here where I live this Winter. It was only -2 °c last night but it’s only reaching about 5°c during the day.

This was my display area this morning. As you can see the snow was light and I only had one tree remaining on the bench, a stubborn Trident Maple that is refusing to drop leaves! This might make it’s mind up 🙂

Korean Hornbeam Winter Tidy

I braved the garage yesterday to tidy up a few more trees for Winter. Weather has well and truly gone to pot. Last night saw our first snow here.

The Hornbeam was still holding on to a few leaves but this was soon sorted out.

After leaf removal.

Another important step was to remove the moss to stop pests hiding there. I removed it from the Hornbeam and found quite a few leather jackets lurking there. No wonder the Blackbirds where showing so much interest!

The white stuff is Mycellium which I was surprised to see so much of on a Hornbeam.

This was the tree before placement in the poly tunnel for Winter.