Highs and lows

I had a lok at the min/max temperature in my old Poly Tunnel today. I haven’t reset it in about 2 weeks. It was interesting to see the variation in there. from -3°c to 27°c. Mild Sunny days a few weeks back reached 27 in the tunnel and last night was -3. I have reset the gauge and plan to keep a close eye on it. I also want to put one in the other tunnel to compare.

Ice Ice Baby

Only the mad and insane walked today!! The footpaths and roads in my home town of Ards were pure sheets of ice. Rainfall during the night froze quickly and the police had actually closed the road on which we normally park for our walk up to Scrabo Tower. Wise people were turning around and going home.

Anyway, us four eejits just carried on. 😀 If we could make it to the gravel paths, we would be fine. Two cars side swiped the kerb and others had been abandoned. After watching the dogs running then sliding for 30 feet at a time, and watching my brother fall on his hoop, we managed to make it to the gravel surface.

Here are a few photos of the walk once it was safe to bring the camera out! Gravel paths a must 🙂

Tarmac paths to be avoided!!

Scrabo Tower was our first target.

Some nice views from the tower. Only from the bottom as the Tower is closed over the Winter months. Below is Belfast in the distance and the snow covered hills behind.

The drumlins of County Down.

Comber Town and the Mournes beyond.

Trees spotted for inspiration.

Ivy seed heads.

Confused Gorse.

Fungi Branch

Larch Cones