From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

Youtube offers up an abundance of bonsai clips. Some are short some are amazing and some are just pure pants!!

Yesterday I saw both ends of the scale. The sublime has to be this exciting new Bonsai Youtube channel with top notch editing and visual effects. I have watched all of Concept99’s recent clips and was was impressed with the quality of production. Yesterday he released a trailer for what’s to come in 2012. After you have watched his trailer, try watching some of his fast forward clips.

and now for the ridiculous …….

I really thought long and hard before adding this. I despise bullying and I would hate to be thought of as picking on someone, but this guy….!!!!

Here we have someone who has a very limited knowledge of bonsai sharing his thoughts on Youtube. Not the first and won’t be the last but, the difference here is his very poor attitude to constructive help and his willingness to slaughter well respected folk in the bonsai community. Oh, and he’s racist, which means the gloves are off! I hate the thought of him being encouraged by the extra hits on his channel so make sure you hit the dislike button to draw attention to his poor advice. I have refrained from joining the list of those who have felt compelled to tell him he’s an idiot, but feel free to express yourself as you see fit. I found out about this tube on the lively IBC post about him.

Plenty of other videos on his Bonsai Comedy Channel if you feel the need. Enjoy….