Sunrise on Sunday

Took these this morning as I went out the door for my Sunday walk.

As it was very windy with sea spray everywhere on my walk, I kept the camera in the bag. Then, right at the end of the walk, I spotted Alien Spaceships attacking Belfast Harbour!! Well, it looked like something out of Stargate until I spotted the Kite Surfers underneath 🙂

Juniper Cascade reworking

Michael came over to my place yesterday to finish off some work we were doing to his cascade Juniper. This tree had been neglected for a few years and a few branches were weak and one had died due to a strimmer incident!

This is it before any work.

The main task to complete was to get the branch structure sorted. There where a few poor branches that needed attention. The tip of the cascade was very weak and straight and this was removed and replaced by the branch above. I also wanted to compact the apex and bring it over the base of the tree more. No fine wiring was carried out. We where not looking to create a finished image. The continued recovery of the health of the tree was more important.

Michael’s not new to bonsai and was keen for his own ideas and views to discussed. This became a great tree to talk through. In many place branches require back budding and in a few other spots we need extension growth. This is the tree after our work.

A shari startiung at the base can be taken the length of the trunk connecting with a few other deadwood areas.

Depending on health and if a suitable pot can be found, it may be repotted into a more suitable pot next year. Here is a pot virtual.

and with foliage added. Perhaps a tad heavy but you get the idea.

Before, after and virtual all together.

Ed Bonsai Blog

I’m always looking for another decent bonsai blog to follow and I thought I would share this one with you. Click on the image below to visit the blog of Ed van der Reek. I have also added this to my favourite blogs list in my sidebar.

 You can also visit Ed’s Website HERE