Stephen’s Autumn colour Larch

Another one of Stephen’s trees that I photographed on Sunday. It needs a total rewiring this Winter as many branches have started to rise with the Strong growth. Note the very unusual base. Interesting story behind this tree but I’ll leave that for Stephen to tell in his own time. He’s threatening to start his own blog before the end of the year 🙂

Yew Work Schedule

I’m hoping to give this Yew it’s first styling this week. It has been grown from a cutting and spent 7 years in open ground and two in this pot. That’s ten years to get it to this point for first styling. I have done some basic carving on a few stumps and have thinned the foliage out last year so that the tree is prepared and ready for seeing wire for the first time. I only plan to do the basic structural work and hopefully someone will buy it next year and take it to the next stage.