Clean Up and Tuck Away

I started the process of cleaning up a few of the bits of raw material to tuck away into the poly tunnel for Winter Protection.

This little Hornbeam was field grown and has only been the victim of my chop and grow procedures.

Dead leaves removed. I don’t want any hiding places for little beasties over the Winter.

The original chop will need some carving work to look more convincing.

This Wild Pear was also put away. I will be leaving the branches to extend further next year to thicken before cutting back next Autumn.

Shohin- Europe Bonsai

Morten Albek has revamped his website and it’s well worth a look if you are into Shohin Bonsai. After recently joining the BSA I am trying to bring myself up to speed with the differences between shohin and other sized bonsai. It’s a deep and boundless topic!! Morten’s site has many great articles and I have spotted a few things that are new to me. To visit the site just click below. Morten’s blog has been added to my favourites on the sidebar.

Dig It!

I bought this folding spade the other day under the pretence that I’ll keep it in the car in case of Winter snow.

My real reason was to add it to my collecting kit bag 🙂

Not bad for £6 🙂