Before and after

Glad to get this done.

Corner of Garden Before

and After

Does Anybody Irish still do bonsai??

I’m posing this question to try and scare up some bonsai interest in the Republic of Ireland.

We have members a plenty in our club north of the border but, to the best of my knowledge there isn’t a bonsai club, study group or similar in the ROI.

Of the 2 guys who have made contact with me from Ireland, one was Polish and the other Romanian!  So, are you reading this from Ireland?  Are you interested in getting together with other bonsai enthusiasts in your area? If you are, drop me a few lines and I will endeavour to get you in touch with like minded people.

Last night I had a few mates around to play with trees. Ovidiu, who lives in Dublin, came up to visit me for the first time. [First of many I hope] I met Ovidiu through the Wee Trees Bonsai Forum. He’s keen to work with others to progress his love of bonsai. This is the main reason for this, ‘Calling all Irish!’ post.

After meeting the chaps last night he was keen to get stuck in. As he stayed over night, we got stuck into a Cypress today that he had brought with him. He had done a little bit of wiring previously and wanted help with making a few decisions. Usually I’m not a big lover of this species for bonsai, but this one seemed to be suited to the techniques that we carried out.


We cleared away the surface soil to find about 3 inches of trunk line previously unseen. We wired the main branches and added a little deadwood.

Ovidiu at work.

The result after todays work.

Side by side before and after.

A great time had with Ovidiu last night and today, he also has a great taste in wine 😉

I await the flurry of Irish replies….

Chuhin Maple, Colour at Last

I was starting to think that this maple had forgotten about Autumn this year but a little colour has started to creep in. Another week should see it at it’s peak colour.