New Tunnel Step by Step Part 2

Yesterday we had a ‘dry’ window of opportunity for a few hours in the afternoon. Stephen came over to give me a hand. Before he arrived I did a little prep on the ground to allow the tunnel frame to sit flat. I then staked the frame to the ground with tree stakes and plastic ties. This isn’t essential but it makes me feel better.

We then had to trench around the tunnel to allow for the burial of the cover skirt. Smudge was paying close attention to Stephens work 🙂

We popped the cover on and attached the velcro straps to the frame. It’s surprising just how effective these are at tightening the cover. The trench was back filled and packed down.

A quick soak down of the interior to wash any soil away into the gravel and we were done for the day. The rain had started!!

Today I will get the rest of the area tidied up and get a few low stands put into the tunnel. I may even start to populate it with a few trees. Tonight I have some mates coming over to play with trees which means I have a lot of clearing up to do before they arrive.