Following on…..

from my last post, at the suggestion of Mr Snart, I have altered the virtual of the Trident again. I have extended the pot to the right giving more negative space. I have also extended the foliage to that side.

The original Virtual for comparison.

and the original.

Pot Virtual

Had a quick 20 minutes last night and tried a pot virtual for the Root Over Rock Trident.

This is the tree a few weeks ago. It’s current pot isn’t to my personal taste.

One of the first things I thought about when I first saw the tree sitting on a bench at Willowbog was what pot it should be in. I realised then that I would probably buy it 🙂

I wanted to see what it would be like with the rock incorporated within a pot, not over the edge. It’s hard to imagine without actually trying it. I was worried that the bulk of the rock to the left and then the mass of foliage all sitting to the right, might not balance. I liked the idea of a simpler oval. I have a folder of pots on my computer that I use for virtuals. This was the closest I could find to fit my taste. Colour not quite right but not bad either.

Seeing it now, I think I’m happier that including the rock within the pot works.