First Frost & Sunday Walk

I woke up this morning to the first frost I’ve seen in a long time, I may have slept through one earlier in the week 🙂

It was a beautiful clear morning with blue skies, not a breath of wind and a perfect day for my Sunday walk. Here are the usual photos taken whilst walking from Hollywood to Bangor along the shore of Belfast Lough.

Hard to tell where the sea finishes and the sky begins.

Some Trees to inspire

Some Wildlife

Everyone looking towards Belfast hoping to spot a star or two. The MTV European Music Awards is on in Belfast tonight and the City is buzzing!

“I see Bieber!” “Who’s the Blonde he’s with?” 🙂This guy was walking a horse on the Beach! Well, it was the size of a horse. My dogs gave it a wide berth. Pink lead made me laugh.

Maggie and Smudge at full tilt as usual! Notice some frost on the ground.


 Just makes you want to sit down for a while.

end game, Bangor Marina.

Trees from Friday Night

Here are a few of the trees worked on on Friday night. Some were styled some were discussed.

Phils Scots Pine before old needle removal.

 and after…

Hugh’s Scots Pine after needle removal, shown from a few angles.

One of Ian B’s Mugo Pines grown from seed.

and after styling

and another one before.

and after

Michael’s Juniper

A little Yew I worked on.

and after, still work to do but ran out of time 😦