Bonsai Clubs?

Made it to the club night last night despite the weather.

Many people in the ‘bonsai Community’ run down the effectiveness of clubs and Societies. Those seeking to attain higher levels of knowledge and skills tend to leave clubs to attend workshops with professionals or skip over them in the first place. I have no problem with this but isn’t there room for both?

I feel that we need to cater for all. Not everyone wants to be a master, or even be that proficient at bonsai. That’s their choice. Many do it as a social thing. Certainly friendship is a big part of what keeps me involved with the club. The more experienced enthusiasts need to give a little back.

My big reason for ensuring the growth of the NIBS is to keep those feelers out there looking for that one person a year that walks through the door, who wants to get into bonsai and take it as far as they can. In Northern Ireland where Bonsai is limited, a persons usual first port of call when searching for bonsai is the NIBS. We are waiting for you 🙂

Club nights are a small part of what we do. Some members are happy with the once a month workshop. However, getting together with others who want to push their limits also happens outside of the club night boundaries. You only have to look back through my blog to see that I regularly get together with others in the club, and outside of it for that matter, to push myself and them forward.

The club will help teach the basics to beginners, as all clubs should but we will also run Bonsai Schools to cover all levels. Next year will see Peter Warren joining us for a few days running workshops for both beginners and the more experienced.

My goodness, I’m rambling on!! I only planned to share a photo or two from last night. Passions running away with me lol. Anyway, what I’m saying is a club, set up the right way, can cater for all. Why not give your local one a chance to prove it’s worth. You might find the whole experience rewarding, or it might be crap 🙂 If you don’t go look, you’ll never know.

Last Night in pics.

Learning and social aspects in action.

Close instruction on how to start thinning a very over grown Juniper.

Nine people discussing options on a nursery stock Juniper. Each has to pick a front and explain their reason for it. A great learning technique.

Needle removal on a Scots Pine in action.


After, ready for wiring.

Maple on Display

A very enjoyable night for me. Maybe it’s just me, but I get a buzz from helping others learn. Definitely one of the best parts of being in a club.