Tree for Club Night

I always try and take a tree along to club night showing something seasonal. Tonight I’m taking along this Maple as it starting to colour up nicely 🙂 As you can see it’s wet, hasn’t stopping raining for hours here. Hope this doesn’t put people off attending the meeting tonight 😦

Remember Them….

It’s the 11th Hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year.

A special moment in time and history. Lets all remember those on all sides who have lost loved ones in War and conflict.

The following photographs were taken during my Tour of the First World War Battlefields in September 2010. One of the most sobering weeks of my life seeing loss of life on such an incomprehensible scale.

Photographs show memorials to British, Irish, German, Canadian, American, Austrian, French soldiers. And as the headstone says, Sacrificed to the fallacy that War can end War.

Flanders Poppy

True words on a grave of an Irish soldier bearing my family name and he even shared my birthday. He is however no relation. It was a special moment finding and reading this.

The Ulster Tower

German Memorial

Irish Peace Tower

The Somme where the 36th Ulster Division suffered heavy losses Let us remember them.


At the recent Bonsai School it was discussed about how Mycelium could block drainage holes at the bottom of pots and might cause water logging issues over a wet Winter. This little Pine[ not mine] was examined recently. It’s in a plastic training pot. I think you can clearing see that the Mycelium has filled every single millimetre of space 🙂

I’d be happy to find any of my pines with this amount of Mycelium in the pot!