And Then There was One…

This is my main display area a few months back…

and this is it now…

Only the one tree left, everything else is tucked away for the Winter. The lonely Trident Maple has yet to show any signs of Leaf drop, or even Autumn Colour, so I’ve left it sitting there so I have something to look at out of the window while on the Computer.

3 comments on “And Then There was One…

  1. it does seem a pity to hide them away , but it will be better for the trees , in the past I have been too concerned about how the nursery benches look , rather than what was best for the trees !!
    you have done it quite early though ? I have not really put anything in for over wintering yet !


    • I am earlier this year but the latter half of November seems ok. It takes time to get them tucked away and I don’t want to get caught out by a sudden change. My main thinking behind it was to reduce the amount of rain they are getting. If they stayed this wet and then got a big freeze, I would be slightly worried. As it sits, they are in the Tunnel with the door open [or they were until the wind picked up earlier] sheltered from the rain and wind.


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