Bonsai Disaster!!

 After posting about the Common Juniper yesterday were I mentioned briefly about a major disaster in my Bonsai journey, I thought I would share the full story.

Back in 2005 I was busy dealing with other things in my life and bonsai took a back seat. This lasted for roughly 3 years. My one big regret in bonsai is wasting these years. My trees got water, if they were lucky, and every now and again they got feed.

In 05/06 disaster struck! I spotted  fertilizer for sale specifically for Conifers, not conifer bonsai, just conifers.. I decided to buy it. It was cheap, I had no other fertilizer left at home and I liked the idea of sprinkling a little on the pots and walking away. I followed the correct dosage, or less that recommended and fed the conifers in my collection. I have since learned from someone who used to work in a similar fertilizer factory that it’s pot luck what’s in the box.  Chemicals are added in a hap-hazard manor and rarely in the correct dosage. It would appear that what I got was a very high Nitrogen feed, not what was on the box. A few days later I looked out the window and noticed that a few of my trees where looking a little dull in foliage colour. I didn’t do anything as I was going out to work. Idiot!! The following day I was devastated to see that about 15 of my trees where suffering badly from what I can only assume was fertilizer burn on the roots. I flushed out the pots with running water. Took me most of the day.

It was then a waiting game. I managed to save 6 of the trees. Some of these lost branches but over the years I have worked around this and made the best I can from them. The other 9, I lost. By way of a memorial to them, here they are:

Japanese White Pine ‘Zushio’

Japanese White Pine ‘Zushio’ Common JuniperRoot Over Rock LarchScots PineMugo PineCommon JuniperJapanese Larch

Japanese Larch

I’m sure others out there have experienced loses during their time doing bonsai. However, I bet not many add them on their blog! I do this to show that we all have our disasters and hope that others might learn from my mistake. Be 100% confident about what you feed your trees. As you can see I lost some rather nice trees and it nearly made me quit bonsai.

Thank God I didn’t 🙂

To end on a brighter note, here are a few of the ones that suffered but survived. All photographed this year.

4 comments on “Bonsai Disaster!!

  1. Wow. I havent been online to much lately and to read this, what a sad story. I am so very happy you didnt quite bonsai. I really think you have so much to offer in the bonsai world, like your great pictures, and some excellent trees. It really shows alot about what kind of person that you are to be able to post pics of the trees and remember them. I bet most people would cower away and try to blame somthing else.


    • Hi Neil,

      Thanks for your kind words. I’m not sure it’s clever to show trees you’ve killed 😀 but I feel it’s important to be honest about these things and hopefully others won’t make the same mistake. The only other person I can remember showing dead trees on a blog was Hans Van Meer, a couple of dead Mugo Pines I believe. Difference is, he didn’t kill them by mistake like me lol.

      Thanks for following the blog.



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