Hawthorn Air layer Update

This is the layer that I took off the previously posted Hawthorn last year. I lifted it in to the garage on Thursday to remove unwanted shoots.

This is probably closer to the final potting angle.

I know it doesn’t look like it, but there is some pretty good movement in the trunk line of this tree. The Spring foliage was shortened back in June after it flowered. The new shoots you see are all on a chop made in the middle of the tree. These will all have to be removed as this will have to be carved away.

This was it after removing the unwanted branches. I left the low branch on, I think this might make a nice feature.

This is the stump for carving. By the feel of the pot and how steady the tree is, I think there is sufficient roots for this work to be carried out during the Winter.

Considering I was going to just chop this off and bin it, I’m glad I waited for an Air Layer. I have another big Hawthorn that I now plan to layer next Spring.

2 comments on “Hawthorn Air layer Update

    • Interesting idea Hakan, I’m only learning about photography as I gain experience taking snaps for this blog. My set up isn’t that special but a decent camera makes it look better. I’ll try and add a post about it soon.




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