Hawthorn Update

This Hawthorn was repotted in the Spring after being the parent plant of an air layer removed last year. I gave it fee growth this year to help it establish roots. Like most of my Hawthorn here, it has come into Autumn early. Only a few tip green leaves remain on some of this seasons late shoots.

The story of how this tree was air layered can be read here. Hawthorn Air Layer 

Most of the branches produced this year are now too thick and stiff to position with wire into a desirable shape. Others are in the wrong place. These, for example, are growing from the inside of a bend.

Most of these are unusable as well.

I quite liked this as a possible new front.

I removed the unwanted branches and left those that can still be of use in the design of the tree next year. The area where the air layer had been removed will need carving. It takes away from what is actually nice movement in the tree. Also, some deadwood at the base where old roots had been torn at some point in the trees past.

Now that the tree has become better established in it’s new pot, next year I will direct any new shoots early while they are still flexible. I hope to see plenty of adventurous buds appearing in the Spring.

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