Taken for Granted…

This Cotoneaster was one of my first trees. Previous Post

As stated previously, I’m not happy with the look of this tree. I have been over looking it on purpose for a while but yesterday I tweaked it a little to try and hide a few faults.

This was it yesterday morning.

Three faults that I tried to tackle where:

1. This long straight branch showing under the main pad of foliage.

2. This ugly curving branch.

3. These 2 visible branches that catch the eye.

I was able to hide number 1 by adjusting the foliage of the pad with wire dropping it to break the line of the branch. Straight lines in an image catch the eye.

Again, number 2 was concealed by dropping the foliage from another branch down in front of it. Further growth will be needed to complete this.

Fault 3 was solved by a little wiring in the apex to move the foliage to create a nicer apex but also stop the eye being drawn ring through the image to the straight back branch.

I then decided to play about with the position of the primary branch by using a guy line to pull it backwards.This is hard to see in a 2D image. I may decide to change this again.

It is amazing how different a tree looks in a photo. Some new growth will be needed to complete what I started.

As this is one of the first trees I ever carved, I should really pay more attention to how it looks. The longer a tree sits on your bench, the more you take it for granted. It’s hard to always look at a tree with fresh eyes. A lesson I’m trying to learn.

5 comments on “Taken for Granted…

  1. I think that the tree does look way better in the last photo ,
    and this is not a comment on your carving but deadwood often contributes more if view slightly less full on as you have it in that last photo , I also dont think that the pot helps the overall image , I can see the tree in a wider more shallow oval, my two pennies worth 🙂


    • Hi Peter, Yes a lot of deadwood showing but what you actually see of the live vein is all there is! Worryingly, It gets narrower every year! You can see the patch at the base where it has crept in again. Hard to turn further to the right as the primary branch will point to the front. That’s one of the reasons for the guy line pulling it to the back.

      Totally agree about the pot. Wrong shape, too deep and the light coloured feet make it even worse. The only thing I like about it is the colour when it’s oiled up. I have been playing about with virtuals to see what might suit. I’ll add them in a new post today. Might look for one at the end of the month 😉


    • Cheers Smithy. Looking at all your updated posts on the forum, your own trees have really come on this year. Must be hard to give them all the attention in your line of work, busy time of the year for you.


  2. Yes it is busy time of the year and i’ve been trying to spend more time with the family on the weekends. I think i have spent less time on my trees than any other year, maybe thats why they look better.


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