Sequoia Sempervirens

I had a notion years ago of making a Sequoia Bonsai. Mad do I here you say? Probably. I got my hands on a small one and decided that to have any chance, it needed to be big. I popped it into open ground for 8 years and forgot all about it. About two years ago we had to clear the ground and there it was in all it’s glory, throwing down a challenge. I put it into a big black pot and put it in the corner for 2 years.

Yesterday I decided it was do or die time. I always had the notion of trying to style it similar to how they grow in nature, a tall formal upright with sweeping branches. It was a mass of branches and all I wanted to do to get things rolling was, thin it out, and place primary branches.

Here’s the tree before I started.

After a little thinning out.

 And after placement of primary branches.

I know that I’m looking at years and years of hardship in trying to get this rapid grower to behave the way I want it too. I always like to have a few weird ones in the collection. I think this qualifies.

Here are a few that I looked at online for ideas.

Video Catch Up

I’m trying to play catch up with the video clips I have taken over the last few months. As yesterday was a wet one, I spent an hour or so putting together a clip from a recent visit to a friend and club members garden. Josh was my inspiration when I joined the club back in 1993. His trees were the best on offer even back then. His skills and experience in developing bonsai in open ground are amazing. He is also one of the nicest people you could meet.

Click on the photo below to link to the video clip. Enjoy.

Josh in full flow

Back to Front

I snapped a few pics of these two yesterday. First is a field grown Silver Birch. I popped it into this pot last month. It was lifted from the ground 2 years ago and has only been clip and grow to this stage. I’m reluctant to wire too much as they drop branches for fun after wiring. I plan to build up some ramification this year and then work on the deadwood cuts in the Autumn.

Here’s the front and back, you decide which is which 🙂

This little Yew was also field grown. Out of 15 growing in open ground, this one decided that fattening up wasn’t for him. It remained quite small and I have decided to keep it as a shohin. I styled it last year and I’m hoping for plenty of growth this year to start filling out the image. Again, front and back below.