Zelkova Stump

I took a cutting of a Zelkova about 12 years ago and after a year or two I planted it in open ground for about 8 years. At one point it reached 25′ tall!!

It was dug out of the ground last Spring and chopped down to a lower branch. I gave it free growth for the last year. I did clip a few bits back as it was taking over it’s corner!

Today I decided that I needed to reduce the stump by carving. I wasn’t planning on any detailed work, or even completing any crude block carving. I just wanted to take back the cambium layer to where it needs to be in the future. This will stop the tree producing numerous new shoots where they aren’t needed. This is it before I started.

This cut off is the area for some attention. You can see all the unwanted shoots below my hand.

I removed the unwanted branches and shortened some of the top growth. A quick outline with chalk as a guide.

Makita and samurai bit.

Afterwards I’m left with what’s needed for further refinement.

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