Near the end…

It’s near the end for the flowers on my Fuji Cherry. The green leaves are showing through. I took the opportunity today in the sunshine to take a few last flower photos for this season. Every time I set it down there was a flurry of flower petals floating about.

Here you can just see a little adventurous bud appearing on the root base. I’ve rubbed it off now, but it’s a good sign of strong growth to come.

6 comments on “Near the end…

  1. Very nice Ian; that’s it, you’ve made my mind up; I’m now looking for one or several, maybe a group would be nice. Pop them in the garden for a few years and prune; then pot up into a Bonsai container. Cripes, I’ll be 65 in ten years time ….. grrrr.



      • Thanks Ian; tell you the truth I forgot I was logged in to the new club site. Yes for my sins I’m building one for the club. So much to do:-) Thank you for the link; really appreciate any coverage. We are registered with FoBBS, and have been for a while. Hopefully a site will help with new members?



      • A website has made a massive difference to us. To the point were our new meeting room isn’t big enough!! Members are coming from further a field than before. For all the effort that’s required it’s definitely worth it.


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