I would have thought it was still a little early for frog spawn but in the last few days I have heard two different people mention seeing it. My brother spotted some in a pond on Saturday and Hugh from the club photographed this in his pond.

Is Spring really here.



Orgy !

Whatever the Weather

The latest from my weather guru at Exacta. He was, by his own admittance, a bit out with his December prediction, but this isn’t exactly an easy thing to figure out!! James got last Winter spot on when a £33 million computer predicted a mild one!

Looks like a colder period is approaching, and here was me wanting to get out collecting!!!


Yesterday this Blackthorn bonsai was stolen from a collection near Bristol, south west.

A full description of the tree can be found at then scroll down to Blackthorn 5.

Please be on the look out for this bonsai.

There is a healthy reward for anyone who can give any information which leads to the return of the tree.

Meteorological Winter Starts Today

Obviously Mr Madden doesn’t like getting misquoted, and who can blame him. Therefore I’ll let him talk for himself in this clip. I will say that it is bloody cold this morning and de-icer was required on the car for the school run!

UK Long Range Weather Forecast

I’m reliably informed that this guy, James Madden, predicted both recent bad Winters ahead of time. He also predicted in January that this would be one of the coldest Summers on record for the UK. He got that right too!!

And what about Winter 11/12???

You guessed it, Snow in Oct/Nov. Frequent heavy dumps of snow, worst in Scotland, North of England and, you guessed it, Northern Ireland. Click  below for all the info.