Mario Update

Another Mario tree update. If  you haven’t got a clue why I’d be doing this, CLICK HERE

First up is his Satsuki Azalea. It’s a variety called Subaru, so I’m told. I always thought the flower colour was equal throughout this tree, as you can see, I was wrong. Nice shades of pink.

Next up is his Japanese White Pine that has budded strongly this year.

His Korean Hornbeam that got a major haircut to produce back budding on some leggy branches. It’s working.

This is his Japanese Black Pine. It had been in a small pot and I thought that while he was away for a while we could get faster development from this tree by putting it in a bigger pot. I opted for a pond basket to improve the roots.

There you go Mario, that’s your tree fix sent all the way to you out in the sands 🙂

10 comments on “Mario Update

    • Hi Marcin,

      I’m generally not a big fan of JWP here in the UK. It’s just too wet. I tend to use a mixture of akadama and grit with a little kiriu. More grit than normal here, maybe 50% because of the rain here. Hope this helps.


  1. Thanks Ian, I live in Dublin, my seedlings which are 1 year old grow very slowly, neather look healthy. My mix is tesco cat litter, perlite and grit in the same quantity. I think it still stays too wet because of the litter. Will replace it (cat litter) with fresh, not composted pine bark this autumn before moving them to the glasshouse.


    • Sounds like water would be the issue with that mix. Cat litter holds a lot of water. Your plan makes sense.

      If you are ever up this way, give me a shout and you can come and see my trees.




      • Thanks Ian! I am planning to visit NIBS one day and maybe join the club as well, pity don’t have enough time.


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  3. @ Marcin – you definitely have to do it! I met Ian once and started driving up the north every month. Great bunch of bonsai dudes!

    @ Ian – your pics look stunning on my IPad! But I cannot find juniper anywhere…. Hope it’s not dead… 😉


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