Our First Club Workshop

Late!, he was even the last one to blog about it 😉 And a slap round the face with a Pineapple, what’s that all about??!! Must be a Cork thing lol It was great to meet you face to face Adam, outside of Skype of course.

Lyons Bonsai

Well Bonsai Christmas in Cork has passed for another few months. All the excitement packed away into the back off Phil’s van back up to Belfast. The build up to this workshop felt like it lasted forever, and of course the weekend just flew. There was so much anticipation on the run up the our workshop it was hard for it not to drag. But the wait was more than worth it.

Ian and Phil drove the long journey down from the Belfast to get us started on Friday night. The lads began with setting up the room with loads of bonsai goodies.

I have put up my own photos taken during the two days, and some from Ian, Ray, and Piotr. Hope ye dont mind lads 🙂


Ian having a quiet moment to himself


Phil sorting the tables



Everything from trees, soil mix, pots, tools, wire and even bonsai…

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Ulster Vs Munster

What a Post Title, wish I’d thought of it but sadly Ray got there first. Here’s a link to his blog post about his experience at the recent workshop in Cork. Thankfully no one was throwing balls about the room 🙂


A bonsai show comes together


Ryan Neil Demo @ Noelanders 2014

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Ryan do a demo before and this one from Bonsai Empire is yet another great example of his work.

Munster Workshop

That’s Munster not Monster!

Phil and I travelling down to Cork City on Friday, roughly 300 miles. The Munster Bonsai Club is only up and running 5 months and is keen for new members and hope that by bringing us down for regular sessions that we might attract a few others to the club.  

Plans were for a meeting on the Friday night were Phil would do a little demo on a Scots Pine showing a few techniques while I worked my way through some of the members trees doing a critique. Those attending on the Friday brought plenty of trees to chose from and we had a great night. It was obvious that the guys there are totally in love with bonsai, many of you already know that feeling. When people start talking about trees, you could feel the buzz in the room.

After the meeting we travelled home with Piotr our host for the weekend. He lives 50 minutes away by his driving standard 😉

On our return to the club for the workshop on the Saturday I was delighted to see everyone there and raring to go on time. We always start with each workshop participant picking one main tree for the day to discuss before we begin actual work on the tree. This way everyone can learn for everyone elses tree. We had a real mixture of trees to work with from large raw pines to a small Hinoki Cypress. We also covered a few other topics as a spin off to the tree critiques like repotting and feeding.

As time moved on we all got working on trees and again the enthusiasm showed in their application to the tasks at hand. In some cases one tree was enough while others were able to work on several during the course of the day. It’s important to state that work done was what was best for the tree on the day, not trying to achieve a finished image, the only target for the session was maximum learning and I think that was achieved. We managed this while having some great craic in the process.

I would like to thank Piotr, Adam, Matt, Mark, Ray and Peter for  making the day so enjoyable. Your openness to having two eejits from the North cut lumps out of trees was truly  inspiring.