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Munster Trip the Untold Story ….

After the Friday Night and Saturday workshop with the guys at Munster Bonsai Club, there is the so far untold story of the rest of the weekend.

Did we go back to Piotr’s and get an early night before heading straight home on Sunday morning? Of course not, where’s the fun in that 🙂

When we got back to Piotr’s home his wife had made us a beautiful Polish meal, the name of which I can’t even pronounce never mind spell! Before long the beers were flowing, both Polish and Irish. Then something amazing happened, Piotr’s 5 year old daughter challenged Phil to a game of chess ❗ She won with a little help from her Daddy 🙂


As the night moved on bonsai yet again came to the fore and Piotr had his own private bonsai session finishing at 4am!  Just look at the devastation on the floor. It’s easy to remove branches when pissed Piotr .



Next morning, bright and early Piotr and I had breakfast together and discussed club events while we waited for sleeping beauty to wake up. Once we were all ready we headed back to Cork to visit Mark, one of the guys from the workshop. Mark has been into bonsai for about 10 years but mostly on his own as the old Cork Club folded years ago. Now this turned out to be further away that we were lead to believe, Irish concept of time and distance seem to differ from us up North! These are a few photos taken around Mark’s garden. He had a major drama last year when the local farmer sprayed the field with roundup weed killer and the spray drifted onto some of his trees. Some are still recovering!

After Mark’s we headed back towards Piotrs and he was kind enough to show us one some of the trees he’s preparing for collection this Spring. Sadly I twisted my already bad ankle hopping in and out of the van and had to sit a lot of this out 😦 I did spot one nice tree in the van though 😉 A few bags of moss collected in preparation for Spring air layers.

After another bit of a drive we made our way back to Piotr’s home via some rather unusual place names, at least it was only one Nad 🙂


All that was left was a cuppa and the long drive home.