A final stroll through BIB’s 15th annual exhibit

Moving On


Having started my Bonsai Revival Journey in July 2011 I’m glad to say that it continues today with modest success. It’s true to say that I have learnt more about  the training and developing of bonsai in the last few years than I did in all the earlier years of futtering with trees. The main reasons for this are that I am perhaps more serious about the hobby and have learnt a little about simple tree horticulture through regular tuition and training under the auspices of Northern Ireland Bonsai Society. Another significant source of learning has been the massive and very rewarding  information bank that is the internet.

I have also discovered the obvious. That is the fundamental reality that trees respond to feeding. That may seem to some to be so obvious a statement that it is foolish to make it. By this I mean that trees respond positively…

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