Noelanders Hit List

That’s me back up from Cork after a great weekend with the Munster Bonsai Club. I’ve been trawling through the cyber world looking for anything Noelander’s Trophy related related and I’m going to share what I find via links here. If any of you know of other sources, please drop me a line and I’ll share that too.

I do have these 🙂 I’m kind of trying to make my point about the whole no photography thing. My normal  Noelanders photo taker took these from the full car park 😀 and had this to say about the show, ‘ Quite some impressive, great and big trees. The character of the bigger trees seems to become more and more spectacular.’ A picture really is better than 1000 words, especially in bonsai!





Here’s your links: First Noelanders Photos Noelanders Winner

A debate about photography ban at Noelanders 2014 on IBC Forum

There is loads of demo photos knocking around on Facebook, but I can’t link as you might not have access and I don’t photo grab off FB for this blog.