News Janvier 2014

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Elsass' Bonsaï

Tout d’abord, tous mes meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle année 2014!

Quelques nouveautés en ce début d’année :

Création de ces nouvelles pages :

Evolution d’un Acer buergerianum

Evolution d’un Syringa vulgaris

Evolution d’un Ginkgo

Evolution d’un Chaenomeles

Mise à jour de ces pages :

Evolution d’un Pinus

Evolution d’un Acer palmatum ‘Little Princess’

Evolution d’un Acer palmatum

Evolution d’un Juniperus

Evolution d’un Callicarpa

Evolution d’un Prunus incisa

Bonne lecture 🙂


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Stephen’s Cotoneaster

This is a Cotoneaster that Stephen brought to my place a few weeks agao to do a little carving and eventually restyle. It had lost two weak branches at the back and was placed into this tub to regain vigour for the last year. This seems to have worked.



Stephen cover this session on his blog HERE

Yesterday afternoon Stephen came back to do the wiring and styling. We also did a little more carving. This was it before we started wiring.




After some wiring this is the image that Stephen preferred for the tree.




I found this older photo of it from back in 2011