The Irish Interest In Bonsai

A pretty accurate summary of bonsai in Ireland, apart from the bit about me being famous!! Feck sake Adam!!

Lyons Bonsai

For the last two years I have been engaged in Bonsai, I have wondered why there is such a lack of Interest in relation to Bonsai on the Emerald Isle. I was confused when i discovered the amount of clubs in our neighboring United Kingdom and yet we had not a single club in The Republic of Ireland.

You see when I got bitten by the bug, i looked for anything in relation at all to bonsai here in Ireland. I was expecting shops, nurseries, clubs and societies. But with all my enthusiasm I was left as a spectator to nurseries, workshops, club meets and more just across the narrow Irish Sea. All I could find was the cheap mass produced stuff in Tesco and a few local garden centers. So why the big difference?

Has it something to do with demographics? The fact the population is much greater? No…

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Bonsai Podcasts…….

…. and a great article series.

I just wanted to direct everyone to this site, the only one that I’m aware of that offers bonsai podcasts in English. I know that Gary is keen to attract other guests to speak on the podcast. Owen Reich, Adam Lavigne and Jack Douthitt are the first to give it a go. If you are interested, why not give Gary a shout.

Also on the site is a great series of beginner articles written by Eugene Howell who has 40 years experience in bonsai and is active in the bonsai community in Florida.

Just click on the image below to visit

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