Stolen Tree UK (Bournemouth)

Another one! Spread the word. This one is a Cypress in a Mo Turner pot.

This from the owner:

Removed from an address in BH postcode   (Bournemouth area)  between 11:00 on the 24th and 18:00 on the 27th December 2013.  The access point was 6 feet above street level through an

8 foot deciduous hedge over an irregular framework of battens shot through with brads, minimal disturbance, we can almost admire their agility. Any information in strictest confidence to Ned:

   We will not trace your IP address, will consider amnesty for return through third party (in good condition). 



Shohin Larch

I posted about this Larch recently. It’s the latest addition to my collection. Originally a landscape with a rock in the pot, I removed the rock and have now wired the tree into it’s new shape. Next step will be a repot. I can see a few problems with the roots and fitting them into an appropriately sized pot. I think I have one for the job but time will tell.

This is the before shot



Rock removed


This is it after wiring and shaping. I have removed a heavy front branch that was blocking some of the real character exhibited in the trunk line. A small jin created but this may be removed soon. I’ve just left it for now to consider.A lot of thinning out done and many smaller but overly heavy branches removed.


A slightly different angle that shows the trunk line a little better.