Ryan Neil Willowbog Demo Parts 1 – 4

Part 4 is now available to view on Youtube. For ease of use, I have added all 4 parts here.

Be sure to read the credits, my thanks to those listed there, but also to everyone who attended the workshop that made it such a good day. My bill for pushing you out of the snow is in the post 🙂


7 comments on “Ryan Neil Willowbog Demo Parts 1 – 4

  1. Thanks Ian you have done a marvelous job with with All Ryan’s Willowbog Demo;s and images.

    Now I can finish the collection unless you have any more in your Video Cabinet Number 4 being saved now

    I never get tired of looking and checking your blog

    Thanks again and take care



  2. I look forward to seeing them and I am sure the Road trip will be entertaining
    had a quick glance at your video cabinet in your channel and there’s a few there (my favourite Number !!!I) I would like to hi-jack if that’s ok with you

    take care



  3. This series of Videos has been fantastic… It’s almost like being there!!!

    Demonstrations like Ryan’s are what all budding Bonsai folk should attend. The buzz upon leaving Willowbog is it still with ya!!?



    • buzz still here mate 🙂 The feedback from the videos has been surprising! So many new youtube followers in the last 2 weeks. Itching to get stuck into some repotting, hard to hold back lol. Thanks for the feedback.


      • I was suprised at that comment… Shame no one asked “when repotting every couple of years the roots have circled the pot… Surely 5-7yrs it’d be root bound?”
        I’m half way through video 3!!! Tomo I’ll catch up… Then it’ll be Pine lecture 😉


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