Ryan Neil Willowbog Bonsai Demo Video Part 1

I sat down yesterday morning to try and edit the demo day video with Ryan at Willowbog into something shorter without missing out the interesting bits. That proved to be a hard task! Ryan keeps up the commentary, questions, and stories pretty much the whole way thorough! I have therefore got Four parts to share with you totalling 3 1/2 hours of footage! I’ll share as I get them uploaded.

This is a lot of viewing and I know that many will not want to be bothered wading through it, however, others have asked to see the complete session. Down the line I might upload some of the individual learning moments or pearls of wisdom given by Ryan.

I had a nightmare with the video camera and was missing the first few hours of footage but thankfully Phil the fingers had it recorded on our backup/closeup camera and I have edited both together.

6 comments on “Ryan Neil Willowbog Bonsai Demo Video Part 1

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