Crime Spree!

This is getting rather depressing!

Two more Bonsai stolen from Bonsaipark Remscheid, Germany, night of August 29/30 or one night earlier.

A Japanese Maple and a Japanese White Pine. Just posted today on Walter Pall’s Blog. 

I hope they got a double hernia from lifting that Maple!!

Yew One

I have had a couple of yews sitting on the raw material bench for a while. Again I had these for sale in case a beginner wanted to start with a piece of raw material. As I previously stated, I am clearing out and figured that these won’t go anywhere as they are now. I decided to do the initial styling  and look to move then on next year.

Here is the first one.

It’s an old tree and was void of branches down one side of the tree. I decided to add a shari and shape the image around this feature . This is it when I was completed. With another years growth this should make a nice image. Some further carving will be required once the wood dries out.