Portstewart Strand

On my little trip out last Tuesday I took a few photos of local attractions. I’ll add them here as I get the time.

These were taken at Portstewart Stand on the North Coast. The good lady featured is my wife. This is one of our favourite places to take a walk.

The doughnuts on the beach weren’t mine. Allie wouldn’t let me  🙂

Spotted this chap spraying in the dunes. National Trust work hard to maintain this habitat. I wondered why some of the bushes were blue!

Fishing for sea trout.

Musenden Temple peeping between the hills.

Shags on the pier.

Emerging from the dunes onto the beach

Geese in flight

Stormy waves

Man Friday?

Wind blowing the sand along the beach.

And then it rained and I got soaked 😦