Haw Haw!

The Haws or berries on my Hawthorn are starting to colour up nicely. If the birds can leave well enough alone, I should be in for a good display this Autumn.


That’s Better

This Cotoneaster, also on rock, mustn’t be as tasty as the other one. The berries seem to have survived so far.

Haw Hawthorn

The other tree that took a tumble in the wind on Tuesday was Brian’s Hawthorn. It was undamaged.

I took the dead leaves off for a better photo of the Haws.

Haw Haw

My Hawthorn Raft didn’t produce too many flowers this year. Not a problem really as it’s a long way to go before it’s the way I want to show it. It dropped most of it’s first flush leaves a week or so ago only leaving the later growth. This made the few haws more noticable.

Sloe Gin?

Michael brought his little Blackthorn over yesterday to show us the berries. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them this big on a Blackthorn. There was more on it but his erratic driving on the way over put an end to that!