Hornbeam Horrors

I found these little beggers on a Korean Hornbeam at the weekend. It wasn’t my one but I’ve seen leaf damage on it as well. I noticed leaf damage a few weeks back and sprayed with insecticide at the time. I was only checking today to confirm that they were all gone. I guess not! I have never had a year like this one for beasties eating my trees. I have sprayed more than normal, but to no avail. Time to bring out the special stuff that I’m not supposed to have any more 😆

This is the damage caused.

They target the new extension growth and that’s were I found this one. The new leaves failed to open out due to the cocoon created.

When I opened the leaves out this boyo popped out and he was quick as lightning!!

This is my Hornbeam exhibiting a lot of late growth and a few chewed leaves too.

4 comments on “Hornbeam Horrors

  1. they are a small moth catapilla i think. Really small ones overwinter in tightly rolled up leaves or new buds, then grow to this size eating the leaves, before making the cocoon. I had many hundred infest the satsuki last year where the baby ones 2-3mm ! overwintered in the flower buds. Spraying doesn’t get these as they arent feeding, and are not exposed either – I used a systmemic spray when the growing bugs were actually eating leaves and cut off every flower bud early spring to remove the hibernating ones. This has worked and the tree regained strength from the attack.


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