On Patrol…

This little fellow makes his patrol of my poly tunnel on a regular basis. I’ve had frogs in there for the last 10 years.




Escallonia Frog

This fellow seems to have taken up permanent residence in my big, recently collected, Escallonia. He buries himself in the sphagnum moss that I’ve used for top dressing and when I water, he climbs to the top of the tree for a shower. Great to have him about.

Man’s best friend

I was crouching down to say hello to my tunnel frog when Maggie decided she was in need of attention. ‘look at me, Look at me!!’ Just look at those eyes.

I was pleased to see the frog unscathed after I had sprayed the trees with insecticide a few days before. I had banged about a bit before I started to spray to allow them to scuttle under the wooden boards. It obviously worked. They are getting rather used to my presence.

Back for Another Year

My Poly Tunnel frogs from last year are back doing their best to keep up with the slugs 🙂

This one posed briefly while I was poking around with the camera.


I would have thought it was still a little early for frog spawn but in the last few days I have heard two different people mention seeing it. My brother spotted some in a pond on Saturday and Hugh from the club photographed this in his pond.

Is Spring really here.



Orgy !