Weekend Craic

Some of the craic over the weekend.

Pretty scary face Ben 🙂

I told you to stop picking that moss off my tree!!!

Phil’s sound check 1,2! The sound technician working hard in the background

Peter cracks another witty one liner, oh how we laughed 🙂

Mr Doodle eyes keeping an eye on Stephen to make sure he doesn’t doze off.

Smudge checking out another amazing pair of crocs from the Snart collection.

Ben goes all Hip Hop on me!

Roy bites his fingers as Peter carves his Hawthorn.

Bobby puts the squeeze on Peter’s sale negotiations

Michael face plants his camera.

It was all too much for Ian, Sorry Ian I just had too 😀

Turn yer back and he’ll just go away!

We like to look after our Jamie, special head protection during the carving demo.

4 comments on “Weekend Craic

  1. way too many signs of folk enjoying themselves ! we will have to put a stop to that 🙂 I know,,, in February we will begin on the many [ unending in fact ] ” rules of wiring ” that’ll wipe the smiles off their faces !!!


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