Willowbog Collection Part 3

Part 3 of 3 to finish off Peter’s trees. I’m sure there are others I missed, you’ll have to go there and see them for yourself 🙂

A few additional comments about the trees can be read in the comments.

A few tucked away in the Poly Tunnel including this Taxus Cuspidata

Ulmus Glabra

Pinus Mugo.

Ulmus Glabra Raft

Beech Raft

One of the first trees collected when started out in bonsai back in 1805 😉 a Sycamore.

Pinus Sylvestris

And finally the man himself, Peter sitting on his ‘Captain T. Kirk’ chair. One thing I did notice over the weekend, Bonsai Artists called Peter tend to wear Crocs!!

6 comments on “Willowbog Collection Part 3

  1. the Ulmus’ are both glabra scots or wych elms

    big cuspidata not been started since it’s arrival from Japan

    the Pinus with the ” special ” deadwood is a mugo from Italy , all the shaping work so far by Marco Invernizzi and brilliantly done !

    the raft beech though I collected it many years ago is justing starting the shaping of branches

    there was a Bonsai artist called Peter here wearing crocs , your photo shows a guy who runs a nursery !


  2. Don’t mock the croc. I did, until I tried them. Yes I look like a dutch clown, but my feet don’t hurt anymore. I love the sycamore as much as any of the big mountain trees. Maybe Mr. Greedy needs to go on a diet?


  3. a different croc for each day of the week that’s the answer , diet you say P W ??? lettuce sandwiches for you also when you are next here !! as for the sycamore , as we all know bonsai is very subjective , of course , I also like it alot !


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