Turkey Oak

One of my ‘Royal Bonsai’ Guests last night was Josh who brought along his Turkey Oak, Quercus Cerris. This tree was lifted from a growing bed in his garden this Spring and put into it’s first pot. He brought it along for pinching and I took the opportunity to get a photo. I must say that the photo doesn’t do this tree any favours. It’s amazing in the bark, so to speak. The pot is from Walsall Ceramics. Well, via Willowbog Bonsai 🙂

To give you an idea of the size of the Oak here’s Josh for scale.

2 comments on “Turkey Oak

  1. typical of Josh’s work and of course impressive ! though not a species that I have much experience with , from knowledge gained in my forestry days I always felt that amongst the Quercus family , many of which do not make great bonsai subjects, the turkey oak probably had growth characteristics that made it worth having a go with , this tree rather bears this out , as usual , lots of credit to Josh !!


    • Having seen it develope over the last few years, it looks to be a pretty good variety to use for bonsai. The character in the bark is better than Robur and growth habits seem to suit bonsai techniques. Do you come across many of them as bonsai in the UK?


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