Bonsai eejit & Son

…I hope.

Continuing my manoeuvring to keep my son on the bonsai bandwagon, I spent an hour or so this afternoon working on a tree.  When my friend Stephen donated a few of his to the cause, I asked Matthew which ones he liked. He was drawn to this Root over Rock Trident. ( Not really a root over rock, more like a growing against a rock Trident.)

It’s well hardened off already and has extension growth on most branches. I decided to allow Matthew to defoliate it to begin with. Bit early, I hear you say! You might be right, but I find Tridents so strong and vigorous that two defoliations in the year isn’t a problem. I set him to work.

Blissfully unaware of my camera work, you can almost hear the concentration from here.

After defoliation we wired a few branches into place for practice and discussed the shape that the tree will take in future.

I talked about extending the foliage pads on the right, and keeping the left hand side tight to show off the rock and give the tree more interest. I then explained how, in a different pot, some negative space on the right would really help the overall image. I spotted an old Mica landscape pot under a bench and decided to show him what I meant. The pot was big enough to allow me to lift the planting out of the training pot and into the mica one without removing any root.

I told him that he needs to find a similar looking bit of rock or a big lump of moss to fill the gap between rock and root at the base.

I didn’t set out to do all this today, I think we got carried away!! I am confident that this tree will bounce back in a few weeks. I’ll even post an update here to prove it 🙂

5 comments on “Bonsai eejit & Son

  1. How nice father and son bonsai, Ian san and ian san junior jr wish my dad understood the concept that deciduous trees lose their leaves in winter 🙂 ps are u still ok with putting ceonothus in polytunnel bad news ceonothus had to be drastically reduced in size as fence panel fell and broke it don’t ask how! Look at the pic I sent u of it and see the straight bit is mostly gone apart from about 4 inches and it’s still green underneath but can’t fine the live vein anywhere even though the top is still alive so I’m confused there is a really small amount of new growth though


  2. Great pics Ian. Was glad to see that you defoliated the trident- it reassures me because I’ve just had to defoliate a young trident of mine. I noticed the leaves were curling and turning black and wilting. It was in the same flower bed as a Prunus Mume which I discovered was in the same condition. After some research I decided the problem could be peach leaf curl? I removed just about all the leaves and sprayed with copper based fungicide. Then potted up each tree and moved to a different location in the garden. Crossing my fingers that they recover!


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