Welcome Home Old Pal

Peter Snart kindly delivered my Root Over Rock Trident Maple back to me a few weeks back. It had been over at Willowbog Bonsai for the BSA Exhibition. This is it as I got it back. A little over grown but in fine health as you’d expect 😉

I had to address the overgrown shoots that had now overly thickened some of the outer canopy. The only way I could do this was by defoliation and then thinning out of the fat areas. This was it after defoliation.

and again after thinning out, you can see I’ve also removed the moss, I want to be able to keep an eye on the watering better and the moss was obscuring my view of this and also taking some of the water for itself.

In hindsight I have missed an opportunity 😦 I should have left the bottom few branches untouched to allow them to fatten further to get a better balance in the tree. Ah well…


Spectacular Sierra junipers

Kusamono – Juncus, Papyrus, Hosta,Sisrinchium





Another Kusamono made up for a new pot, this one by Stone Monkey. I love this pot with the green glaze in the rim. I wanted to plant something that would allow this to be seen but still match the planting.



I opted to go for a cool feel to the planting using light greens in the foliage to link in with the pot colours. I added a Sisrinchium to add just a splash of darker colour but still a cool feel with the purple flower. The other plants are, at the higher level, Juncus effusus, then a middle level with a mini Papyrus and sisyrinchium E.K. Balls, and a hosta Iced Lemon at the bottom level.The hosta will grown to break the line of green around the pot but the majority should still be visible.