My Satsuki

This is my satsuki azalea, I have it more for flowers than for bonsai but it gives me pleasure at this time of year. I didn’t let it flower last year to help build strength. It has four flower types  but I have only put photos of three below. The missing one is a pale pink flower with a dark pink stripe. Those ones have still to open. The first few photos where taken a few days apart so you can see it opening.

Summer root work?

Nebari Bonsai

It had been a few years since I worked the roots on this trident, and a crossing root started to emerge that needed to be dealt with. Ryan Bell mentioned he was working on a similar root problem on a trident, where he was exposing the roots, and undercutting the heavy roots. The idea, similar to layering, was to grow new, finer roots from the cut site.

Last summer; July, I gave it a go. Excavating the problem root:



A little more was removed, then the area was packed with sphagnum moss:

The tree didn’t skip a beat, and on March 1, I dug it to work the roots. Here was what I found:

Look at those nice plump roots!

Because it worked so well, I marked another heavy root with a loop of wire to remind me where to make the cut. I want to keep the cut on…

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