Kusamono – Juncus, Papyrus, Hosta,Sisrinchium





Another Kusamono made up for a new pot, this one by Stone Monkey. I love this pot with the green glaze in the rim. I wanted to plant something that would allow this to be seen but still match the planting.



I opted to go for a cool feel to the planting using light greens in the foliage to link in with the pot colours. I added a Sisrinchium to add just a splash of darker colour but still a cool feel with the purple flower. The other plants are, at the higher level, Juncus effusus, then a middle level with a mini Papyrus and sisyrinchium E.K. Balls, and a hosta Iced Lemon at the bottom level.The hosta will grown to break the line of green around the pot but the majority should still be visible.





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