New spin on slabs-

Michael Hagedorn

A couple years ago I tried a nylon cooking board as a slab for a twin-trunk Mountain Hemlock.

Last year we had some fun here making a Vine Maple Tower, using an internal nylon board framework.

And earlier this spring we took a new spin on that idea, using this time a countertop material called Corian. Here are a few photos of a large Mountain Hemlock that I’ve yet to feature here (eventually…) being placed on a Corian slab:

DSC_0057 Konnor (solids) and Bobby (stripes) bringing the Mountain Hemlock into the studio. It’s been on this plywood board since designing it a couple years back, and this year it was in danger of simply rotting away.

DSC_0064 After sliding it onto the Corian board, Konnor traces the shape of the soil mass.

DSC_0066 Bobby trying out a new idea, cutting the board at a 45% angle.

DSC_0071 Glueing on the feet, just…

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The Two Sisyrinchium I missed!

I posted the flower shots from the Sisyrinchium varieties I have a few days ago. I missed out the yellow one and I have since found that I have a light blue one as well! No idea where I got it from, I thought it was a ‘Californicum’  up until the flower opened! I have swapped that many plants this last year I have lost track lol.