The 84th Meifu-ten Exhibition

John Milton Bonsai

This last weekend has seen the 84th Meif-ten exhibition. Meifu-ten is only a local show in Nagoya but, it is one of the biggest in Japan. The tree’s vary in quality but, in amongst them are some kokufu quality and kicho bonsai.
There is an extensive sales area with tree’s of all shapes & sizes at large price range up to 1-1.5 million yen. Pots from 1,000 yen for ten to Kozan/Tofukuji/Chinese antiques etc. Tools fertilizer and more.

Unfortunately I was unwell with what I believe was a virus of some sort so, I missed the setup day and the first exhibition day. Even though I was feeling far from 100% I really didn’t want to miss the whole exhibition (it’s some of the most exciting times as an apprentice) so, I soldiered on. I enjoyed myself anyway the last two days and added two more pots to my collection.

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